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South Charlotte - The Fountains

8145 Ardrey Kell Rd
Upstairs from Design Consign
Charlotte, NC 28277

The Fountains

At the Corner of Tom Short and Audry Kell Rd.

Building 11 upstairs above Divine Consign

 8145 the Fountains, just upstairs from Divine Consign (Steps n Motion annex) Here is a MAP of the shopping center:

To get to the studio, park in front of the building, go up the stairs or take the elevator. The stairs are located on the side of the building (up the ramp) by Couture Bridal and Amartavati Indian restaurant. Our studio is just to the left - the only door. The elevator entrance is to the right of the Indian restaurant. When you exit the elevator go straight to the end of the hall and you will see our door.

It’s probably best if you can avoid bringing up a stroller, but if you do, that’s fine….please park it at the top of the stairs, there won't be room for the strollers in the classroom.

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South Charlotte - The Fountains