MTC COVID19 Correspondence

March 25, 2020

Email sent to currently registered families:

We miss you! This past very long week and a half we have labored over how we can support you, as you adjust to the current at-home situation. More than anyone, moms and dads of young children are faced with the daily challenges of new obligations, limited options, and the abrupt cessation of interaction with other kids and adults. We see you, and hope that we have created something that will give you some continuity in these constantly interrupted times, help you settle into a routine, keep your connection to family music, and add to the sense of community that infuses our circle.  

Starting Monday, our full 9-week Maracas collection classes will go online, from March 30 - May 30! We have pulled together a lot of content and ideas that will sustain you over these weeks, as our sincere hope is that this will provide you and your littles with a bit of predictability, normalcy and FUN to our new always-at-home life. Hey, we always say 'do this at home!" Well, here we go!

Our online classes start this coming Monday, so please take time to read the details and get excited about the Maracas session!


CURRICULUM: the same research-based, developmentally appropriate, musically rich and FUN program you have come to know and love.

MATERIALS: if you don't have materials already, you'll get a download code for all the Maracas music until we can make arrangements to deliver your complete set.

CLASS EXPERIENCE:  a live class (you’ll be able to see your teacher and your classmates!) that you will ‘attend ’online. In keeping with pediatric screen time recommendations, these classes will be about 20 minutes in length and an **active**  experience for your family. Your teacher will lead you as she would in person with lots of music, movement, and silliness.  We will use the Zoom platform, and you will receive detailed instructions on how to log in, etc. These classes will not be recorded. 


FaceBook, YouTube and Zoom events, additional 15-minute segments with other Music Together of Charlotte teachers, DIY instrument-making videos, Parent education info, fun activities to do with Maracas songs, Singalong storybooks and 'meet ups', New musical games, Live dance and lullaby parties 


Additional content from MT Worldwide: coloring/activity pages for older children, music education activities, videos from around the world - even music from Uncle Gerry!


The MARACAS ONLINE session will cost $130.  If by some miracle we are able to get back together safely in person before May 30, we will – of course – make every attempt to do that.



IF YOU HAVE PAID THE TUITION IN FULL:  Do nothing. You will receive 2 emails, one from Sharon with info about your class day and time and the second from your teacher with details on how  to participate in your Zoom, online class. The difference between the online and in-person tuition will be applied to your next (hopefully in-person) session. 

IF YOU HAVE PAID THE $40 DEPOSIT:  Sharon will adjust your tuition due to total $130.  You will need to pay the $90 balance before your first online live class next week. You will receive 2 emails, one from Sharon with info about your class day and time, the second from your teacher with details on how to participate in your Zoom, online class.

ONE OTHER OPTION for those that have credits and rollovers:  you can leave that credit balance with us and donate it to our TEACHER SUPPORT FUND. We have had a handful of families who very generously offered that, and it is needed and appreciated. Our teachers are working overtime to learn a new way of teaching, connecting and loving you! For this reason, we are no longer able to provide refunds. Any tuition payments you've made will remain on your account until it can be used for our next available in-person semester.

We are grateful that you are committed to family music-making, which helps our small local business stay strong, and we look forward to hearing from you and - more importantly - making music with you again!  

Carrie Banwell & Phyllis Fulton



March 14, 2020

Email sent to all families registered for the spring session:

Hello everybody.

Wow.  That happened fast.  Thursday morning, we were singing through the Maracas collection with our teachers in preparation for our classes next week.  But - by the end of the day Friday - it was clear that our hopes to start the session on Monday were not going to come to pass.  Our first priority is to offer safe, meaningful musical experiences for you and your families.  In service of that goal, we have decided to join others in social distancing.

Here’s the plan:

*. We will suspend class for two weeks.  The weekend of March 27/28, we will reassess the situation and move on appropriately from there.  If we need to suspend another week, we will do so.  If we feel we can safely offer classes, we will do that.  This will be done every week - we will go week-to-week until we can resume normal activities.

*. We will get you Maracas materials next week so that you can have new music in your home during this stressful time. Our recurring thought is that music is a soother, and all the disruption is unsettling.   New music, a new songbook and learning your new favorites is soothing and normal.   Your teacher will send your welcome email and include instructions for our “drive-by materials pick up” during your usual class time next week.   

*. We are investigating online options, where we will give you and your family the opportunity to use in-home instruments (even pots and pans!) to join in some mini-music classes.

*. We are investigating our options to extend the session into June, and if we can’t do that, we will give you a credit for the missed classes - usable in the Summer or Fall session.  

So, you have two options:

1.  Do nothing.  Carry on with your plan to join us for the Spring Session, hopefully starting the week of March 30. (with materials, online options, a possible extension of the session or a credit for missed classes). 

2.  You can cancel all together and join us in a future session.  If you would like to choose this option, PLEASE CANCEL ASAP (by the end of this week & before you receive materials) to receive a full refund.  Any request for refunds after that will result in a half refund per our refund policy.  More information about our refund policy can be found here (

Preserving predictable, joyful and (until recently!) routine experiences like music class may be a valuable tool in your parenting box for maintaining inner calm (this may benefit your child AND YOU!)

Carrie  & Phyllis