Class Policies

Our Policies and General Information

No Food, drink or toys. Turn off cell phones before coming into the classroom.

CLASS CANCELLATIONS: If a class does not have at least 8 families, we are likely to cancel it and try to move the families to other classes that work with their schedules. We will make every effort to find a class that works for each family, but if we can not, we will offer a full refund. We will make every effort to make those decisions at least one week prior to the start of the class.

REFUND POLICY: We offer a full refund up to the day before the semester starts. If you must cancel after classes have started we will issue a half-refund.  There are no refunds after the 4th week of classes. 

MAKE-UP POLICY: The make-up schedule will be on line soon after the session begins. Please do not drop in on a class. Many are very full and can not accommodate drop-ins. Thank you.

SICK CHILD POLICY: We care deeply about the health and safety of all our families and teachers. We hope you will help us help everyone stay healthy.

  • What we do: We clean all instruments, scarves and parachutes regularly. Instruments are washed with anti-bacterial and anti-viral wipes after every class. A generous make-up schedule is available on our website and you can always contact Sharon if you have any questions.
  • What we need you to do: Wash your hands or use hand sanitizers that are available in the classroom when you arrive.  Stay home up to 3 days after you (or your child) are symptom-free from a fever, runny nose, stomach bug or any other illness.  Let us know asap if your child comes down with a highly contagious virus so we can let the other families in your class know.  Put "wet" instruments in the appropriate box if your child has put the instrument anywhere near his/her mouth.

CAMERAS: Please no photos or filming in class. This is a privacy issue for the other families in class. We may, on occasion, ask you to sign a waiver to allow us to take and use photos for our website.  This is your personal decision and you are not required to sign the waiver and we will not take your picture.

WEATHER CANCELLATIONS:  We usually make decisions to close a class the morning of the class and will send emails, post updates on our Home page on this website and on our Facebook page. Often the decision is made by individual location depending upon the conditions in the area.  We do our best to schedule make-ups for these cancelled classes but can not always do so due to teacher schedules and location availability.

CLASS SIZE:  Our classes can have between 8 and 12 children plus their caregivers.

Dress comfortably and be ready to have a good time!