Singin' and dancin' and groovin' and movin' with Charlotte area families since 2000





The first Music Together® class in Charlotte was 20 years ago this September!! To celebrate and to give back to the amazing community that has been making music with us, we have a few things planned.

  • Stay tuned every month for our blog which will highlight original Music Together students and how they have made music a part of their “adult” or semi-adult lives.
  • We will celebrate families that have  participated twenty or more sessions of Music Together.
  • Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and look for our post on the 20th of each month. We will be posting opportunities to win a free session of Music Together.
  • Do you have amazing musical memories that you would like to share on social media?  Let us know!
  • ON AUGUST 29th, WE WILL HOST A HUGE ANNIVERSARY BASH!  There will be live music, fun activities for families, food and beverages.

Thanks for all you do to make the Charlotte area an increasingly musical place!