Covid19 in-person class waver

Music Together of Charlotte, Inc. (“MTC”) is pleased to offer classes using safety measures in light of COVID-19.  In consideration of that benefit and resumed access to MTC’s in person classes, I:

  • Affirm that neither I nor any family member attending a class with me has been diagnosed with, demonstrated any symptoms of (as listed by the Centers for Disease Control), knowingly been in contact with anyone demonstrating those symptoms, or knowingly been exposed to any communicable diseases (including the virus commonly referred to as COVID-19) within the past fourteen days;


  • Acknowledge that I am aware that attending MTC’s classes in person presents risks to me and to my family members who attend these classes, and to those with whom we interact, of exposure to communicable disease(s) including but not limited to the virus known as “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)”, “COVID-19” and/or any mutation or variation thereof, that MTC cannot guarantee that my family members and I will not be exposed to or infected with COVID-19, that I am assuming that risk on behalf of myself and my family members knowingly and voluntarily, and that I am taking responsibility for following all health and safety guidelines for the protection of myself and others;


  • Voluntarily agree to RELEASE the management and staff of MTC from all liability and for all illness, injury or damage to my family members and me, whether caused by the negligence of MTC or otherwise.