Preserving predictable, joyful and (until recently!) routine experiences like music class may be a valuable tool in your parenting box for maintaining inner calm (this may benefit your child AND YOU!)

We hope these Q&A will answers questions you may have about Music Together® On-line.  Please contact us if you have other questions. 


Wait, more screen time?

We know screen time isn't generally recommended for this age group, but here's the difference: YOU! When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don't take it in the same way nor do they learn in the same way as when they have the active participation of a caregiver or parent. SO, just like in our classes, you're still the most important part. Your teacher will be on the screen, your children might see their classmates on the screen, but it is truly the interaction of the parent/caregiver with the child that is going to continue their music development! We will also give you lots of fun activities and ideas to do at home while we're all looking for WHAT to do!

How are the on-line classes going?

Maybe it is best if you hear it from families that have participated:

"My girls had a great time (with the online class)! They LOVE seeing you up on our TV. There was lots of singing, jumping, dancing, drumming, and music making going on here. And lots of laughter :) As soon as we signed off, Paige said,"I want to do that again!" So I'd say it was a major success. :)  There was so much drumming here I couldn't hear everything you said at the end. We're listening to the new music a lot!  Thanks so much again. Look forward to singing together next week!" ~ Melissa, April 2020


" We are SO enjoying the weekly, and even daily, Music Together® online classes! My 5 year-old who hasn’t been in class since she was 3, is remembering all the songs and teaching the moves to my 2-year-old who’s enrolled. My mom Carolyn was also a teacher for many years in Fort Mill and normally takes the 2-year- old to class. Working from home with the kids at home is challenging but we look forward to our weekly session and the extra daily activities posted on Facebook.  Music Together has been an integral part in both of my children's upbringing and supporting this business and its teachers is a top priority in this time of need".  ~ Erin April 2020

What if I need to change my class time for the online classes?

Children have two primary needs during this time of upheaval in their lives: (1) to feel safe and (2) to be seen, heard and valued.  We recommend that you try to keep your same teacher (and time, if you can), as this helps you achieve these goals.  If you need to change days/times, we will work with you. 

 What if I start the online classes and then find that I don’t like the format?

We are all learning a new way of being.  We are hopeful it will be short-lived, but it may not be.  We ask that you give us grace and patience as we all try to make this the best experience your family has each week.  Give it time, please.  If it still isn't for you, we’ll talk.

Do I still get a referral credit if I get some of my friends to join this online music extravaganza?

Oh my gosh yes!!  We will give you a $10 credit for every family you refer to this online session!  ($15 for in-person classes)

I love our teacher!  How can I help her during this difficult time?

We have established a TEACHER SUPPORT FUND to help our teachers get paid during this difficult time. 

How will I get my materials?

Teachers will send all registered families an email with info about a "drive-by pick up".  If you did not receive your materials, please contact your teacher for other arraignments.