Generations Music Together® Class


Music Together Generations Classes

If you’ve ever wished for an extra set or two of grandparents, then we have a class for you! The Generations music class is a Mixed-Age Music Together class with the sweetest twist: the addition of senior participants. Kids and their grownups visit their “Musical Grandfriends” and spend time making music as a large extended family.

This intergenerational music class for seniors and children is popular because the fun songs and children’s liveliness and laughter help to brighten up everybody’s day. Making music together connects people in ways that few other activities can, and this class bridges the generations by helping seniors, staff, parents, and kids form new and satisfying relationships.  The additional cognitive, physical, and emotional benefits for both children and elders make the Generations class a win-win for all participants.

Program Partners Say:

"On Monday morning the residents start asking: 'what time are the little ones coming?' It means so much for us to have members of the greater community come visit and bring joy and laughter to the enthralled senior citizens. Our residents have given so much to their communities, and to see it come back full circle is incredible. Although many are dealing with the difficulties of aging, during class they become as carefree as the children."

—Jacqueline Johnston, Engage Life Director at West 86th (An Atria Residence), New York NY

Music Together Parents Say:

"My children love music. We used to attend a regular class and then decided to change to something new and they appreciated the warmth of the intergenerational setting. They especially loved the free-dance segment where they had a chance to meet and greet the residents. I like the idea of including intergenerational groups because children bring such a spark of sunshine even on the gloomiest of days to those who may not have young ones in their lives on a regular basis."

—Angie, parent in intergenerational class