Parent Testimonials



~ Ms. Lucy is THE best! We have always LOVED her classes and she is doing SUCH an amazing job on the zoom classes too. She is such a talented and engaging teacher and helps to bring such joy to our home every week! ~ Kelley, November 2021

I’ve been meaning to tell you how much my son, 8 months old, and I are enjoying Liz’s class. It was great to finally sign him up for an activity outside of our house and be around other little ones. Liz’s classes have been so much fun and I love her fun loving personality. Thank you! ~ Kealy, October 2020

~  My girls had a great time (with the online class)! They LOVE seeing you up on our TV. There was lots of singing, jumping, dancing, drumming, and music making going on here. And lots of laughter :) As soon as we signed off, Paige said,"I want to do that again!" So I'd say it was a major success. :)  There was so much drumming here I couldn't hear everything you said at the end. We're listening to the new music a lot!  Thanks so much again. Look forward to singing together next week! ~ Melissa, April 2020

We are SO enjoying the weekly, and even daily, Music Together® online classes! My 5 year-old who hasn’t been in class since she was 3, is remembering all the songs and teaching the moves to my 2-year-old who’s enrolled. My mom Carolyn Kearney was also a teacher for many years in Fort Mill and normally takes the 2-year- old to class. Working from home with the kids at home is challenging but we look forward to our weekly session and the extra daily activities posted on Facebook.  Music Together has been an integral part in both of my children's upbringing and supporting this business and its teachers is a top priority in this time of need.  ~ Erin April 2020

~ We feel so fortunate that Music Together is provided in our community and will definitely recommend to all my fellow mamas with young children! ~ Ellyne March 2020

 This month has made it 14 months she's been in music together and she has grown so much and loves, loves, loves it!!! All of the teachers she has met have been so intrigued by her and her interest in music, movement, and learning the songs.  She will be 18 months old tomorrow. ~ Shekita March 2020

Music Together has indeed become a treasured part our family life--we listen to the songs daily at home as well! ~ Ting November 2019

~ Eva has grown so much in the past year!  She easily sits and pays attention now for the whole class, when she used to wander around the room a year ago. She knows nearly all of the songs and lyrics and enjoys singing them while looking at her books at home (she even sings songs from the Fiddle collection last fall, which I didn't even know she knew - she was talking much less then).  Recently she has started asking for Jamie and her guitar. :) Thank you for everything you do; Music Together has been such a positive experience for Eva and me. ~  Charity 

He loves the class!!!!!  He often asks if its "music day" today!!!  It is expensive for this Yaya, but because its his favorite thing to do every week, I have decided that we can NOT stop and this will be his Christmas present.

~ I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! We’re so incredibly thankful for Ms Lori and the generations music class. It is absolutely the highlight of our week each week. The connection between my child and the grandfriends is something that brings tears to my eyes and such a smile to my face. This class has taught my child so many wonderful life lessons. Ms Lori has such amazing energy and it is so obvious when she is in the room that there is no other place she would rather be. So thank you so much for offering such an incredible class we will be generation students until we age out.  ~ Ashley October 2019

~ We are so excited to continue music this fall with our youngest. I met nearly all of my "mom friends" in Hoboken, NJ when our oldest began in the infant class there, and Music Together helped with her transition to Charlotte a few years later. Now with our second (9 mos) we've completed the infant class, summer and she's continuing this fall. It was such a joy to watch our girls enjoy the same class this summer and interact together through music!  ~ Lauren September 2019

~This is my daughter's favorite thing to do! Thank you for bringing more music into our lives ~ Heather May 2019

~I wanted to pass along how wonderful music class has been for Eva. She needs to be around people, but it can be difficult to find activities that feel welcoming. She runs into the classroom jumping and smiling every week.  Even though we are still working on improving her attention span, she sits in my lap attentively to watch and listen to her teacher playing the guitar and singing.  She started pointing for the first time by pointing at the pictures in the "Apples and Cherries" song in her book.  Now she sings it on her own and points rather than needing me to sing it while she points.  She is now also singing "This Little Light of Mine," and she points and names the body parts.  It's such a joy to see Eva having fun and learning! ~ Charity November 2018

~I have to say our teacher exceedes expectations. My husband and I could not imagine not attending these classes, the stimulation it offers the babies is great. We have a 5 months old baby girl and a 21 month old toddler boy and they absolutely love going to his class. My toddler started singing after the 2nd or 3rd music class. ~ Roxana November 2018 

~In 2012 I was a nanny for a family and they attended the Dilworth location. I absolutely loved it and knew I would want to take my children some day. ~ Jamie August 2018

~we love our teacher, she is such a wonderful presence and kids really look forward to seeing her, and so do I! �� Music together has been so great for our family, thanks for the care you all put into the program. ~ Kajal August 2018

~My 10 month old really seemed to enjoy the class. Now, if he gets a little upset in the car, we put in the cd and it helps him stay calm so thank you! ~Aleza August 2018

~My daughter is almost 23 mos and we’ve been doing MT since she was like 8 weeks old - without a break and we absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!! I so appreciate the teachers and the whole program. Y’all are doing a great job!  ~ Anna August 2018

~ My little one and I have enjoyed a couple sessions. And, fun story - my mom attended one class with us and was so inspired by our teacher that she got a guitar for Christmas and has started lessons. She can't wait to perfect her "Hello Everybody"! ~ Emily May 2018

~ By the way –  Zecharia loves the classes and LOVES the Cd. We bought him an easy to use Cd player and he turns in his music on as soon as he wakes up and it goes on/off throughout the day! We are so thankful we found these classes. Our teacher's voice is amazing!! ~ Sarah Oct 2017

~This class was AMAZINGGGGGGG! So much Fun! The teacher was great and my son had a blast. He didn't want to let go of the music toys and he was showing off his dance moves. Thank you so much for letting us join a class complimentary. The class def went above and beyond my expectations. ~ Nadia Sept 2017

~ I've enjoyed Music Together with my almost 4 year old for the past 7 or 8 seasons. This time, assuming he was getting a bit old for the class, I only registered my new baby. When I mentioned it to Hank he got really excited and shared how much he was looking forward to seeing his teacher and sing his favorite songs. I guess I'll be signing up both kids for this session ...~ Julia Aug 2017

~ " I fully believe we have reaped the benefits of beginning this adventure back in 2013 with baby Graham. We consistently held onto this experience even through the addition of baby Sydney in 2015. I cannot say anything but grateful words for what we feel toward Music Together. I have recommended this program to friends and strangers alike. I am hopeful Sydney will hang in there with me for another two years and learn to love it as much as her brother and I have thus far." ~ Sarah R. 2017

~ " Music Together has been an enormous part of our family since I began it with my son five years ago. Every time we see a bird it's "Robin Red-Breast" song time or we are cooking and singing "All Around the Kitchen." It's incredible how much these tunes have permeated our home throughout the years."  ~ Carolyn M. 2017

~ "This will likely be our last semester with MT.  We have had a wonderful 5 years with you all.  Thank you so much for filling our lives, home & car with music & joy! " ~ Mary March 2016 

~ "We love, love, love Music Together. Amara is loving classes and dances and 'sings' loudly (not in class - too shy, but at home.). She is developing great understanding of rhythm (only 14 months). She loves instruments and uses them competently. She loves the songs - John the Rabbit is a huge favorite. We listen to Music Together on Pandora (when I am in town and when we drive in car). Thank you for fabulous experience. It is a special time for Amara and her sweet Dad. It is her only experience with other children since she is not in child care. It is expensive for us, but so worth it. Amara loves her teacher and follows her to get new instruments. I have only been twice (Winter is her third class). I love that classes are developmentally appropriate. At this age, circle time should be a child's choice. And it is. I was pleased that Amara began to wander on her own during songs -- a good sign of independence and age-appropriate for a 14 month old. She does not yet have a concept of sharing and waiting (not possible for 14 month old), but she will learn it as her cognitive skills grow. Thank you. Thank you. thank you. She represents socio-economic diversity, but this is good for her and the class.  ~ Dawn March 2016

~ "Abbie loves Music Together even more than she loves cheese…that’s a big deal in our house. " ~ Winnie February 2016   

~ "I am so excited to sign my son up for spring-  my son has a blast every week. I've been taking my little guy for a while now and, though he's usually quite shy in situations with a lot of kids, he is always comfortable and happy at Music Together. He also adores the songs and surprises me with what he can sing on his own- often after I've put him to bed I hear him singing himself to sleep in his crib :) Thank you so much for the wonderful classes you offer". ~ Julia 2016

~ "Our teacher is the MOST AMAZING teacher! I cannot say enough fabulous things about her and about the energy and preparation she puts into every class." ~Deborah 2015

~"I wanted to write to say how much Lily and I are enjoying music class this semester. Our experience has been amazing. Our teacher is an extraordinary person and teacher. She is so talented and so good with both the parents and children. I was struck and really captured in a few moments during each class so far with all of what she brings to us each week." ~ Angie 2015

~"We went to our first Music Together class and loved it! After just our first class I saw my son's excitement for music rejuvenated, an excitement and interest that I had seen declining while in our other music class. I adore the style of the Music Together classes and the implementation of the curriculum. The inclusive nature of the program is lovely, we were in a class with an 11 month old, 4 year olds, and all ages in between. The teacher was able to keep everyone engaged while allowing the children to move and participate in a way that they were most comfortable. I am so happy we have found Music Together and we are looking forward to being a part of the Music Together family." ~Sally, 2014

~Henry’s showed us just how much he learned in the week after class ended. He knows more of the songs than I thought and just loves making rhythms! I started singing “my paddle's keen and bright…” tonight, and Henry picked up the singing where I left off! It was so awesome. He’s 17 mos old and just loves music! ~ Lauren 2014

~We had such a great experience in the last session of Music Together! I think it's my son's favorite day of the week! ~ Jen, 2014

~We really enjoyed the fall class, and the kids are both excited about starting back in January! I love hearing them humming and singing the songs at random around the house and in their play. ~Melissa, 2014

~My kids have all enjoyed Music Together!! My daughter (2yrs) and I did the holiday collection and I was amazed how much fun she had. Her face lights up when our MT cd's come on in the car! Thanks! ~ Leigh Ann, 2013