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Happy Birthday to us!!!


The first Music Together® class in Charlotte was 20 years ago this September!! To celebrate and to give back to the amazing community that has been making music with us, we have a few things planned.

  • Stay tuned for our blog which will highlight original Music Together students and how they have made music a part of their “adult” or semi-adult lives.  We hope to begin this again this summer (after a “pause” caused by these crazy times!)
  • We will celebrate families that have  participated twenty or more sessions of Music Together.
  • Follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram and look for our post on the 20th of each month. We will be posting opportunities to win a free session of Music Together.
  • Do you have amazing musical memories that you would like to share on social media?  Let us know!
  • ON AUGUST 29th, WE HOPE TO HOST A HUGE ANNIVERSARY BASH!  There will be live music, fun activities for families, food and beverages, social distancing and whatever is required to keep us all safe.

Thanks for all you do to make the Charlotte area an increasingly musical place!

March 14, 2020
Suspension of Classes
Wow.  That happened fast.  Thursday morning, we were singing through the Maracas collection with our teachers in preparation for our classes next week.  But - by the end of the day Friday - it was clear that our hopes to start the session on Monday were not going to come to pass.  Our first priority is to offer safe, meaningful musical experiences for you and your families.  In service of that goal, we have decided to join others in social distancing.

Here’s the plan:

* We will suspend class for two weeks.  The weekend of March 27/28, we will reassess the situation and move on appropriately from there.  If we need to suspend another week, we will do so.  If we feel we can safely offer classes, we will do that.  This will be done every week - we will go week-to-week until we can resume normal activities.

* We will get you Maracas materials next week so that you can have new music in your home during this stressful time. Our recurring thought is that music is a soother, and all the disruption is unsettling.   New music, a new songbook and learning your new favorites is soothing and normal.   Your teacher will send your welcome email and include instructions for our “drive-by materials pick up” during your usual class time next week.   

* We are investigating online options, where we will give you and your family the opportunity to use in-home instruments (even pots and pans!) to join in some mini-music classes.  THESE ARE NOT CLASS REPLACEMENTS, just a gift to you.

* We are investigating our options to extend the session into June, and if we can’t do that, we will give you a credit for the missed classes - usable in the Summer or Fall session.  

Spring Session registrants have two options:

1.  Do nothing.  Carry on with your plan to join us for the Spring Session, hopefully starting the week of March 30. (with materials, online options, a possible extension of the session or a credit for missed classes). 

2.  You can cancel all together and join us in a future session.  If you would like to choose this option, PLEASE CANCEL ASAP (by the end of this week & before you receive materials) to receive a full refund.  Any request for refunds after that will result in a half refund per our refund policy.  More information about our refund policy can be found here (https://musictogetherofcharlotte.com/vlt100629.htm).

Preserving predictable, joyful and (until recently!) routine experiences like music class may be a valuable tool in your parenting box for maintaining inner calm (this may benefit your child AND YOU!)