Ladies and gentlemen…. The Beatles!

What’s happening?
Looking for a fun Father’s day weekend experience? Music Together of Charlotte is a longtime supporter of Tosco Music, which is putting on FabFest, the Southeast’s first Beatles festival! Father’s Day weekend, from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, and noon to 5pm on Sunday, all things FabFour will be celebrated with guest speakers and performances, rare Beatles concert footage by the Charlotte Film Society, trivia contests and more! There’s also a family fun room at the festival- groovy crafts, games, music for kids, and there will even be a Beatles Music Together class both days! (If there are any grand-dads in town for the weekend, it’s a fantastic experience instead of another tie or funny socks, coffee cup, or grill tool, am I right?!)

FabFest is a ticketed event through Blumenthal. The first 10 families per day (20 total) will get 1/2 price day tickets to the Tosco FabFest for the same day of the class.

To reserve your spot, simply email, BY THURSDAY JUNE 13 at 9:00 pm, with the following info: # of adults to attend, # of kids under 5, #of kids over 5. You will receive an email later in the week with a link and discount code to purchase tickets. Saturday class is at 11:30, Sunday class is at 1:30.

Are we playin’ yet?
If you have chopsticks and an empty yogurt cup, you have an instrument. A plastic milk jug, 2 liter-bottle, wooden spoon, driveway, swingset….if you can strike it, it can make a sound, which can make a beat. Put on music YOU like, give yourself and your child an unsharpened pencil and enjoy your drum solo! It is surprisingly gratifying to improvise, innovate, and discover with your child(ren). Here’s some inspiration-(YouTube)

Give me the goods.
Lili Levinowitz, co-author of the Music Together Curriculum, was in Charlotte this past weekend, training new teachers. She gave a terrific example to help understand RECEPTION and EXPRESSION, the feedback loop of children’s musical development.

RECEPTION is like a computer hard drive where data is input and stored: tonalities, beats, genres, languages, stories, other subtle elements of the class experience and the musical experiences you and your family have at home The more reception opportunities your child has, the bigger their ‘hard drive’ will be.

EXPRESSION is like a monitor, where we can observe how this data has been processed: singing, dancing, purposeful movement, meaningful engagement with others, anticipation of stops and starts. The richer and more varied the input, the greater the array of expression.

Just as when children learn to talk, receiving cues and learning what language sounds like before trying it themselves, children spend a lot of time receiving music (hopefully from you) before they express it by playing with sounds, pieces of songs and then, eventually, full songs. Enjoy the process of watching your child come ‘on line’ musically as you marinate them in music.