It’s too darn hot! Hope these ideas give you some relief from the heat~

What’s happening?
The Arts and Science council has free ARTS BLOCK events all over the
Charlotte metro area, all summer long. Here are a few happening soon:

  • Clayworks: June 8, 10-Noon: family workshop
  • June 11, 10-11am: preschool workshop
  • Mallard Creek Rec Center, 2530 Johnston Oehler Rd, 28269
  • Little Aviators: June 8,10-11am, age 3-5, Steele Creek Branch Library

Are we playin’ yet?
When we play with balls in class, the hope is that you will carry the idea home. Why are balls musical? Anything that moves can have a beat, and we are the agents of that beat when playing with balls, scarves, parachutes, etc., by anticipating when to roll to get the ball ‘there on time’ to the beat. If you are playing with your child, Gertie Balls are terrific for this; they can be inflated to your desired 'bounce-ability' and the textture of the ball is tacky (nothing gets on your hands but it’s grip-able), perfect for young children. Beyond the music, it helps with other developmental milestones and skills like motor control and catching. Plus, you can play with these balls inside.

Give me the goods.
One word: DANCE. It’s summer, so we're not going to get into a lecture about all the reasons why, but here are a few highlights:

Brain development : according to research from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child, serve and return’ is the most critical factor in healthy brain development. It’s what you all do naturally in class (and everywhere else)-interact with and respond to your child. Dance is a physical serve and return opportunity.

Motor control : Young children are learning to inhabit their bodies; the more ways they can experiment and move, the more ways they can refine how they move through space, their sense of balance and orientation, and range of motion.

Self-regulation : We don’t need a research study to know this! A wonderful thing about our bodies and music is that they are OURS, and we can call upon them anytime. Feeling stressed? Slow music and a gentle sway can calm the soul. Feeling blah? Dance can energize and give a much-needed endorphin rush.

Dance models self-expression, joy, and freedom. You don’t need permission; family dance time is not just for class!


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