Our Teachers

All of the teachers at the Music Together of Charlotte are passionate about music—and more importantly about supporting your child's musical journey. During their classes, they create a fun, informal, musically rich social setting that supports the varied learning styles of both children and adults. All of our teachers have completed the intensive Music Together® teacher training and many have participated in Music Together’s Advanced Certification Program.  Read our teacher bios below and watch the video to see what Music Together means to them.

photo Phyllis Fulton

Teaching since 2001, Phyllis feels that Music Together is a true gift in her life, and is passionate about sharing it with anyone who will listen! Her musical 'story' is pretty simple-she's been singing her whole life, in a wide variety of settings; dancing will lift her spirits when nothing else works. She feels that MT is akin to a musical version of Montessori, which she taught before starting her own family. Even after years of teaching, Phyllis still enjoys the whole experience-meeting families, making relationships with people and children, and hopefully passing on the lifelong joy music has brought to her. 

photo Carrie Banwell

When Carrie Banwell looks back on all the gifts her children have brought her, one of the greatest is that they brought music back into her life! After trying her hand at corporate finance and development, Carrie was happy to dust off the old guitar and start singing again. In the fall of 2000, Carrie started Music Together of Charlotte and has enjoyed singing, ringing, chanting, swaying, twirling, hopping and tapping with kids of all ages since then. She has a Certification Level II teaching certificate, and leads the organization with her able side kick, Phyllis Fulton.

photo Liz Corwin Seegers

Liz Seegers was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and has been making music her entire life. From participating in her middle and high school choirs to teaching herself guitar in college at Appalachian State she has always been in love with music. She even had a year playing in a local band! After three years of being a nanny in Phyllis' class, Liz decided to join the team of Music Together. Liz has been teaching Music Together for four years and received her Cert 1 training in the Spring of 2011. Liz's classes are full of energy, silliness, and fun!

photo Holly Johnson

After graduating from Appalachian State University with a degree in Child Development concentrated in birth through kindergarten, Holly started working as a teacher. She has now worked with children in an educational environment for over ten years, while simultaneously being involved with creative music. She has a strong passion for both of these areas in her life, but it wasn't until 2007 that she decided to meld the two. Since then, when she is not spending time with her own two children, she enjoys sharing her love of song and dance with other young individuals. Visit Holly's two websites: www.thejollylollies.com (for my children's music) and www.hollylorette.com (for my "adult" music)

photo Lori Handler

With her mother on the piano and her father on the guitar, it was always “a moo-moo here, and a quack-quack there” for Lori Handler. As early as age 10, Lori knew she wanted to be a music teacher. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music Education and taught elementary school music for over ten years in New York. But then…..Lexi and Jesse came along! In 2001, when her daughter was only a few months old, Lori began taking Music Together. She found the program to be so enriching, both as a mother and as a musician, that the decision to become a teacher was quite natural. She and her family have recently moved from New York and have finally unpacked their last box, leaving her with some free time. Having never quite abandoned the kid in her, Lori is enthusiastic to be teaching again because it gives her a great excuse to get down on the floor, sing and play. Who knows? You may even see her moo-mooing and quack-quacking again!

photo Melissa Powell

Melissa was born in West Palm Beach, FL. As a child she discovered a love of singing and acting. From the time she could talk, she's been performing for anyone who would watch - even writing her own plays and musicals and organizing the neighborhood children into performing troupes! After receiving a B.A in Theatre, she attended Circle in the Square Musical Theatre Conservatory in New York City. Melissa discovered Music Together while she was a nanny (the best “day job” in the world!). She fell in love with the joy of singing with families and the excitement she felt from being able to share her passions with children. After apprenticing in NYC and bringing her newborn son to classes starting at 10 weeks old, Melissa and her husband moved to North Carolina and continued their desire to spread Music Together by opening Union County Music Together in 2008. Melissa has received her Certification Level 1 teaching certificate from Music Together and is excited to be able to sing, dance, and shake those eggs with the Music Together of Charlotte families.

photo Amy Thomas

Amy grew up with parents, and grandparents who could turn anything into a song. Growing up she learned to sing, play the piano, and the trombone. Her rich musical childhood led her to pursue her bachelor's degree in music education from Appalachian State University, with trombone as her primary instrument. She met her husband at App. State while playing a trumpet and trombone duet together, and they continue to enjoy playing for local churches and events. Amy taught Music Together and elementary school music for a few years and then took a short break to pursue her masters, and start a family. She now holds a masters degree in Music Education from Winthrop University and has two beautiful daughters. Amy is currently a stay at home mom and music teacher for Journey Montessori Academy and Music Together in Charlotte. She enjoys sharing the same love of music she learned from her family with her daughters and through teaching music to others.
Amy has a blog you should visit: makemoremusiclittleones.blogspot.com

photo Courtney Sito

Courtney is no stranger to the Music Together of Charlotte scene. She has enjoyed Music Together classes with her own children for the last 6 years. Music has always been a joyful part of Courtney's life whether through school choirs, church choirs, choir camp (yes, there is such a thing!), the Charlotte Youth Oratorio Singers, or belting it out in the car. She cannot remember a time when singing wasn't a part of her life. Before becoming a mom, Courtney was a Montessori teacher. However, now that her own children are getting older, she is thrilled with the opportunity to meld two of her favorite things: working with young children and singing!

photo Maureen Wermter

Maureen Wermter grew up in a musical family, her main inspiration coming from her mother, who sang on the radio and at other events with her siblings. Beginning in childhood, Maureen began exploring instruments by first teaching herself to play piano, then moved on to play the clarinet, sing in choirs, and participate in classes at the Children's Theater of Charlotte. As an adult,  Maureen has become a collector of musical instruments and can play just about anything with practice!   When she finally had children of her own, she was thrilled when she found Music Together, attended classes for about six years, and knew Immediately that she had found her calling, and started teaching as soon as possible.  Children love her because of her silly and easy- going personality. She is happy to have found the perfect way to combine her love of children and music with the ability and desire to share this gift of Music Together with others.

photo Jamie Hofmeister-Cline

A current Music Therapy student at Queens University, Jamie graduated from Davidson College in 2011 with a minor in music. Jamie sang in choirs all her life and grew up singing songs all the time with her family. It wasn’t until she grew up that she realized not everyone bursts into harmony or provides their own made up soundtrack to daily activities. Jamie hopes that through Music Together some of that whimsical music-making she enjoys so much might make its way into other kids lives! She plays guitar, ukulele, and dabbles in other sound making instruments. She is excited to share her love of music and fun with the families she meets.

photo Lucy Chapman

Lucy grew up singing in church choirs and school choirs and playing piano. While listening to music is an essential ingredient in her life, most of her singing in recent years was making up goofy songs with her husband. And in 2015, she started taking their baby girl to Music Together classes. It was here that Lucy reconnected with the joy of singing and creating music while discovering a community of families and fellow friends who love the same thing. Lucy is delighted to be bringing Music Together into the lives of families in Charlotte.

photo Amelia Mascioli

Amelia started playing piano at age 4 and then there was trumpet and french horn and clarinet - even a little flute, trombone, and banjo. She's recently been taking vocal, guitar, and ukulele lessons, and is already thinking of the future when she takes up the harmonica and the fiddle. Amelia enjoys bringing music into everyone's life. She loves to hold jam sessions with friends and always has some percussion instruments on hand "for those who think they can't play music." She attended Music Together of Charlotte with her oldest child one summer session and was hooked. Watching the music development in her own children is what makes her passionate about being a Music Together teacher. "I want every family to experience this!”

photo Joan Kleinmann
Joan Kleinmann grew up in Charlotte in a musical family.  From her father being a talented composer and pianist, sister a jazz flutist, and her mother making sure to always sing her goodnight, her life was enriched with music from her earliest memories.  Joan started singing and creating music at a young age and has been singing with her church choir since she was 16, and always knew that she wanted to use her talents to help others.  Joan graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in 2009 with her second Bachelor's in Music Therapy, and has traveled extensively and has been blessed to be able to sing in many venues across the globe.  She attended Music Together with her son who is now five and also adores music. Throughout her career in music therapy, she has worked with people of all ages and abilities.  Joan is excited to begin her journey with Music Together enriching the lives of families in Charlotte.