Parent Testimonials



~ " Music Together® has been an enormous part of our family since I began it with my son five years ago. Every time we see a bird its, "Robin red-breast" song time or we are cooking and singing "All Around the Kitchen". It's incredible how much these tunes have permeated our home throughout the years."  ~ Carolyn M. 2017

~ "This will likely be our last semester with MT.  We have had a wonderful 5 years with you all.  Thank you so much for filling our lives, home & car with music & joy! " ~ Mary Heath March 2016 

~ "We love, love, love Music Together. Amara is loving classes and dances and 'sings' loudly (not in class - too shy, but at home.). She is developing great understanding of rhythm (only 14 months). She loves instruments and uses them competently. She loves the songs - John the Rabbit is huge favorite. We listen to Music Together on Pandora (when I am in town and when we drive in car). Thank you for fabulous experience. It is a special time for Amara and her sweet Dad. It is her only experience with other children since she is not in child care. It is expensive for us, but so worth it. Amara loves Phyllis and follows her to get new instruments. I have only been twice (Wintef is her third class). I love that classes are developmentally appropriate. At this age, circle time should be child's choice. And it is. I was pleased that Amara began to wander on her own during songs (good sign of independence and age-appropriate for a 14 month old. She does not yet have concept of sharing and waiting (not possible for 14 month old), but she will learn it as her cognitive skills grow. Thank you. Thank you. thank you. She represents socio-economic diversity, but this is good for her and the class. PS. Phyllis is fabulous!" ~ Dawn March 2016

~ "Abbie loves Music Together even more than she loves cheese…that’s a big deal in our house. " ~ Winnie February 2016   

~ "I am so excited to sign my son up for spring- I'm sure you get a lot of positive feedback but just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Chirs- he is a FABULOUS teacher and my son has a blast every week. I've been taking my little guy for a while now and, though he's usually quite shy in situations with a lot of kids, he is always comfortable and happy at music together. He also adores the songs and surprises me with what he can sing on his own- often after I've put him to bed I hear him singing himself to sleep in his crib :) Thank you so much for the wonderful classes you offer and thanks to Mr. Chris for being such a wonderful teacher!" ~ Julia 2016

~ "Lori is the MOST AMAZING teacher! I cannot say enough fabulous things about her and about the energy and preparation she puts into every class." ~Deborah 2015

~"I wanted to write to say how much Lily and I are enjoying music class this semester. Our experience has been amazing. Phyllis is an extraordinary person and teacher. She is so talented and so good with both the parents and children. I was struck and really captured in a few moments during each class so far with all of what she brings to us each week." ~ Angie 2015

~"We went to our first Music Together class and loved it! After just our first class I saw my son's excitement for music rejuvenated, an excitement and interest that I had seen declining while in our other music class. I adore the style of the Music Together classes and the implementation of the curriculum. The inclusive nature of the program is lovely, we were in a class with an 11 month old, 4 year olds, and all ages in between. The teacher was able to keep everyone engaged while allowing the children to move and participate in a way that they were most comfortable. I am so happy we have found Music Together and we are looking forward to being a part of the Music Together family." ~Sally, 2014

~Henry’s showed us just how much he learned in the week after class ended. He knows more of the songs than I thought and just loves making rhythms! I started singing “my paddle is keen and bright…” tonight, and Henry picked up the singing where I left off! It was so awesome. He’s 17 mos old and just loves music! ~ Lauren 2014

~We had such a great experience in the last session of music together! I think it's my son's favorite day of the week! ~ Jen, 2014

~We really enjoyed the fall class, and the kids are both excited about starting back in January! I love hearing them humming and singing the songs at random around the house and in their play. ~Melissa, 2014

~My kids have all enjoyed MT!! My daughter (2yrs) and I did the holiday collection and I was amazed how much fun she had. Her face lights up when our MT cd's come on in the car! Thanks! ~ Leigh Ann, 2013

~It was a little like one of those last nursing sessions with a baby - a marker of a child growing up.  But we do still listen to the CDS (ALL THE TIME IN THE CAR!), and Peyton, my 7 year old, is actually the one who requests it the most!  Most of the songs are seared into my memory :-), so I know we'll always be singing them.  Thanks for a lot of wonderful years of making music together!! ~ Lisa 2011 Three children and 18 sessions of Music Together!

~   We can tell how much consideration Ms. Phyllis puts into planning each session and we greatly appreciate it. Each one of her classes is educational and lots of fun for the kids as well as the adults. I wish you all could see how much Luke loves his MToC music. When we are home, the music CD is playing - literally, at least four times a day, from start to finish. He dances to each song, and we have our routine movements and gestures for each. It is a sight. ~ Shanna 2011 

~   This is all so bitter sweet because this will Olivia's last year and she is my youngest child... though I can honestly say there isn't a day that someone isn't singing a music together song!   Trish, 2011

~    We are huge fans of music together and have been since starting with Liz in fort mill in 2006!! I may have to have more kids just so we can keep coming!    ~Annie, 2010

~    Caroline started at 3 months, so it is a way of life for us now!  Sometimes I catch her singing a MT song or if I use a phrase from a song in regular conversation, she'll pick up the verse and start singing.  Clearly the music sticks with children for a long time!  ~ Anne

~   Hannah (15 mos. old) and I love your program.  I started when she was 6 months old, and it has been fascinating to watch her develop over the last 9+ months in the class.  She definitely learned how to clap at Music Together, and she is very proud of herself when she does it!  We sign the "Hello" song every time she wakes up in the morning or for a nap, saying hello to "Mr. Sunshine" when we open her shades.  It almost always gets a smile.  I started playing piano when I was 4, so I was already a firm believer in having music be a part of our daughter's life, but the program has completely exceeded my expectations.  Thank you for all that you do!  ~ Suzy

~ [Music Together] gave me a chance to do something fun with my infant and to meet other moms too.

~ As a musician, the music and course content attracted me to this program. I had heard the cd's from other programs and found them irritating, at best!

~ Music Together is a great opportunity to show our child why we love to make music. The class is structured, yet not too formal. We love the mixed ages environment because she can watch older children and try to follow what they do. the CD's and songbooks make it easy to use at home. We were looking for a program for a baby and this was something she could do before she was even able to walk. Now that she's a little older, it is still perfect!

~ ..An educational, stimulating, and bonding activity for my child and our family.

~ I really feel a strong sense of community in our classroom. I enjoy the feeling of safety that my daughter has in music because she is comfortable and knows that not only am I looking out for her, but all the other parents are serving as role-models and care-givers to her as well.

~ tho our children have officially "aged out" -- their beloved MT collection of CDs is still a staple in our home -- even made the jump to my new iPod!!!