Hope you are enjoying the BELLS collection!  Look how families around the world are playing musically with “Rhythm and Rhymes!




It's Flu Season

*The flu is bad this year.  If you are sick or your child is sick, please stay home.  We have a generous make-up policy and hope to add some make-ups at the end of the session just for this purpose.  Also, please stay home until your child and/or you are fever and symptom free for 36 hours.

* Please remember to use the hand sanitizer when you enter class and when you leave.  Also, please be diligent about keeping an eye on your child and put all the instruments they he/she “kisses” in the “wet bin.”

* Please know that we are doing everything we can to keep folks healthy:  we clean instruments, we wash scarves, we use hand sanitizer, and we encourage sick families to stay home.  Thanks for your help!

Latest News

Will we have class???

For all weather related closings we will notify our families via text (if you've opted in to SMS, instructions below), Facebook and email. We don't always follow CMS closings and one location may go forward while another class location may be cancelled.

To opt-in to text messages please click HERE

The Gift of Family Music